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May 1, 2012
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Nice Day!


Sky. Sky.

Cloud. Cloud. Get cloud! Cloud important, want to chase!

Getting closer. Cloud can't escape. I'm good at flying. I'm fast. My wings are strong.

Cloud right in front of me. Can't see it. Position all wrong, eyes all right. Come back, cloud. Want to chase. Want to catch.


Was dreaming?

I was dreaming. Fun dream. Can't remember it now. Doesn't matter. Hungry. Want to eat. Want meat. Want funny soup. Want favorite spicy fruit. Spicy fruit. Spicy fruit. Spicy fruit. Spicy fruit. Want spicy fruit now. Spicy fruit.

Am missing something.

Forgot to preen. Feathers feel bad. Twisted and matted and not right. Spicy fruit later. Preen now.

Takes a while.

Feathers feel nice again. I look nice. I am very nice looking.

Still missing something.

Feel little bump in head start moving. My ONE is awake! I'm going to see him. I love my ONE. Going to see him. Love my ONE.

Flying now. Really flying, not dreaming. Don't want to chase clouds. Clouds not interesting. ONE is interesting. Want to take him flying. He likes it. Want to make him happy.

Feathers feel nice. Good preen. Feathers respond good, turn good, flex good. Hungry. Not very fast because I'm hungry. Eat food and I'll fly better.

Tired when I land on big green mound where ONE lives now. I open my beak and scream. Come here, ONE. Want to go in and get him, but everyone gets mad at me if I do. Come, ONE. Want to eat. Want to fly with you. Make you happy today.

Little ones come out. Not my ONE. Other birds' ones. Not my ONE. Want my ONE.

Blue-purple-good-bird comes and lands next to me. Starts preening me. Never enough preening. Feathers mussed again. Bad flying. Need to eat. Need ONE to come out.

Blue-purple-good-bird very messy. Bad at preening. I do for him. He's bad at preening. Like little hatchling. I do for him. Like him. Good bird to be around.

Little bump in head moves again. I see me from below. ONE is down there! I leave blue-purple-good-bird. I jump down. GOOD MORNING!

He gives me good scratchins. Love scratchins on head and ears. Feels good. Feels so good. I do same for him, but he doesn't like it. I like his feathers. Very soft. Always mussed, but very soft. Fun to play with. He gets mad at me when I do. Fun to play with. Fun to run beak through. Can't scratchins on him, though. Very fragile little head.

Gives me good treat. So good! Love little treat. Tastes like spicy fruit but stronger. And meat too. Maybe bad-rock-sponge meat.

I shove him and crouch. He can get on my back easier that way. I'm smart. I know this. I'm a smart bird. He can get on easier that way.

He jumps on. Legs used to be weak. Couldn't hold him up well. Now legs strong. Like wings. Legs strong now. I'm very strong.

I take off. Not flying well. Hungry. Tired easily. Don't want to fly now. Want to eat. Flying tiring. Chest hurts, arms hurt.

See lots of spicy fruit! Lots and lots! Want lots! So hungry now. So tired. Want food. I go down for the fruit.

ONE starts saying the BAD WORD, and I feel him through the roiling bump in my head. I feel him thinking bad things and sad things if I eat the spicy fruit.

But I want the spicy fruit. . . .

But I don't want ONE mad at me. . . .

Then ONE thinks of his food, and letting me have it. I get excited. I love eating his food. So interesting. So different. Fun to try. Fun to try different things.

He thinks I can't have his food if I eat the spicy fruit.

I turn away.

We land at the big moss mound and he goes inside. Wings and chest hurt. Very very very very very very hungry now. Want food. Feeling sick. Want food. Don't want to fly. Flying not worth being hungry.

ONE comes back out with ONE's dearest one. I wonder when they're having young. Maybe not old enough. Spends all time with her. When not with me. Spends all time with her.

Has food in his hands. WANT FOOD. Almost bite him in haste to eat food. Sweet, sour, spicy, flat, rough, cold, hot. Lots of different foods. Some taste bad. A lot taste good. Eat for good food. Love good food.

Eat fast. Stomach full now. ONE brought a lot. More than hands could fill. Lots of food. Tastes good. Stomach full now.

Can go fly now! Feel like energy-filled. Want to fly. Want to make ONE happy and feel fun. I love my ONE. Love my ONE.

ONE on my back. We go flying now! ONE's dearest one comes with us on blue-purple-good-bird. Fun to fly! Show lots of tricks today. Maybe we dive. Maybe we just skim. Not fun to fly. Normal to fly. Fun to make ONE fly.


Tired now.

We rest now. Day almost over. We flew all day. Tired now. Ate more food Feathers all mussed. Have to preen. Maybe I'll preen blue-purple-good-bird too. Maybe. Very tired. Kind of want spicy fruit.

See dark shape. I hiss. I see dark-purple-bad-bird. Dark-purple-bad-bird's one is the BADBADBAD HURTER. He comes and hurts my ONE. Hate him. Want to bite him. Want to tear him. But ONE always makes me stay away. Only fight and bite and scratch when BADBADBAD HURTER is cornering ONE.

I see BADBADBAD HURTER. I stand up. Don't want him to come closer. Hate him. Hate his bigness. Hate his bad face. Hate his feathers. Hate that they're the same color as me. Not like me at all. I like my color. Best color ever. HURTER can't touch my color. I want to bite his color right off. Maybe scratch his head. Yes. Scratch his big head. And not scratchins either. The bad kind of scratch. The bleeding kind.

BADBADBAD HURTER makes noises at us. ONE's dearest one makes noises back. Displaying, maybe. Hope she doesn't become his mate. ONE should be her mate. They make each other happy. Used to be jealous. I like her now. But I won't like her if she becomes HURTER's mate.

HURTER moves away. So does dark-purple-bad-bird. Hate them. Want them to go away and never come back. Hate seeing them. Me and bad-bird hiss and fuss if we see each other. He doesn't like me because I want to hurt his one. I don't like him because he tries to stop me.

They're gone now.

Tired now.

ONE and I go to big moss mound. He holds my head with his arms. Strange thing, this. Little arm-circle-thingy. He does it to his dearest one a lot. He does it to me a lot. Used to think it must hurt. Actually feels good. I try to do it too, sometimes, but I always knock my ONE over. Oops.

ONE goes inside. I'm sad. I'll see him tomorrow.

I fly up to a cave where I sleep sometimes. Tuck my right leg up. Use right wing as head perch for tonight. Close eyes.

I miss my ONE. Whenever he's not around. I miss him. Want him to sleep here with me. Or go to where he sleeps. Not allowed. No Loftwings allowed.

He misses me too. I feel through the bump in my head. We miss each other.

I'll see him tomorrow.

Eyes closed.

See him tomorrow.


In the sky.


Sky. Sky.


Chase cloud. Have to catch cloud.

Chase cloud.
Chapter 6 of The Crimson Loftwing. This one is from Aepon's POV, if you hadn't already realized.

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: You are here!
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icanhaznao Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is a great fan-fic so far :clap: its kinda fun to see aepons view :D and to think later groose and link become best pals XD i'm not sure what aepon would have to say about that though.
CobaltSunrise Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist
Lovely! Absolutely lovely! :clap:
Cute and simple and the kind of story that gives you that fuzzy feeling inside!

Hehe, you'll get that BADBADBAD HURTER, Aepon! You'll get him one day!
skilarbabcock Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do one 4 link and zelda
Saphruikan Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
A chapter? This isn't centric on the two, but ZeLink is endgame, so there are hints that the two like each other throughout.
ThePerrperr Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
will there be a next chapter?
Saphruikan Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Yes, I've only just gotten my computer back, and I'll begin working on it soon. Sorry for the delay!
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012

Loled SO hard at that part!
Nativa-Basco Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
the simplicity is adorable! "little-arm-circle-thingy" made me crack up xD
Saphruikan Featured By Owner May 5, 2012
Nativa-Basco Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
your welcome
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